GoliathTech Helical Screw Pile metal post foundation
    Welcome to GoliathTech Brooklin. Your Deck Company is a certified installer of the GoliathTech Helical Screw Pile system for Brooklin and the surrounding areas.
     Are you planning to build a deck in Brooklin? Perhaps you are installing a solar field, have an addition planned for your home or a commercial project that requires a solid foundation? If so we would like to assist you with the installation of helical piles for your project. We are a team of professionals that are trained and experienced in the installation of metal post foundations in Brooklin and the surrounding areas. Contact us today for a quote or more information.
GoliathTech Helical Screw Pile metal post foundation

Height Adjustable Head

     Since 1986 Your Deck Company has continued to lead the industry in the design and installation of unique custom Decks, Cabanas, Pergolas, Sheds and  other structures in Brooklin and the surrounding areas. We have been featured in and on the cover of countless magazines. Additionally Your Deck Company has been featured on HGTV and W Network in numerous TV shows such as "Love it or List it", "The Marilyn Denis Show", Tori Spellings show "Cabin Fever" and many more.

     For over four decades we have been using traditional concrete foundations and have suffered with the common pitfalls of using concrete. Needless to say we were looking for a solution. When we were using concrete foundations on our projects we dealt with a variety of issues that we have now found a solution for. By switching over to using GoliathTech Helcial Screw Piles we are now able to offer our clients and you a stronger, more reliable, accurate, faster, cleaner, precise solution over using traditional concrete foundations. 
- Slow curing time
- Messy
- Waiting for foundation inspection
- Waiting for concrete truck to show up
- Large amounts of soil to remove
- Occasional re-grading
- Waiting a day or longer to begin building
- Frost damage and heaving
- Heavy to work with
- Requires more labor to install
- Not able to accurately determine load capacities
- Installation affected by the weather
- Fast installation
- Faster project completion
- Clean
- No waiting for foundation inspections
- No waiting for concrete trucks to show up
- No soil to remove and no damage to grading
- No re-grading
- Engineered and reliable
- Accurate load calculations for every pier
- No frost damage or heaving
- Thermally insulated to prevent damage from ice
- Not affected by the weather for installation


GoliathTech Helical Screw Pile metal post foundation

New Home Build

GoliathTech Helical Screw Piles can be used in Brooklin to support a wide variety of projects. These deep metal post foundations can offer support for projects such as :

  - Decks
  - Fences
  - Boardwalks
  - Commercial Buildings
  - Home Additions
  - Garages
  - Docks
  - Bollards
  - Signs
  - Light Posts
  - Bollards
  - Much more..........

Additionally we have a vast array of connecting heads to suit your project. We offer standard 4x4, 6x6, 8x8 fixed and height adjustable heads. We also offer a selection of flat connecting plates along with the ability to manufacture and fully galvanize any custom connections that your unique project may require. Outside of our standard stock helical sizes we are also able to manufacture any custom helical pile designs that may be required for a unique project.


Don't have an engineer? No problem, GoliathTech also offers full engineering services for all of our Helical Pier installations in Brooklin. With our engineering you can rest assured that your project will meet and exceed the requirements of your project and the building code in Brooklin. GoliathTech meets and exceeds all of the requirements of the Ontario Building Code and has full CCMC approvals. Additionally our patented head connection system offers full support not only in compression, it also offers full uplift support in tension. Other metal post foundations only offer support in compression and do not have any tension (uplift) support.
Secure Head Connection on GoliathTech helical screw pile metal post foundation.
GoliathTech Helical Screw Piles simplify foundation work!

For further information regarding this type of metal post foundation or a quote on installation. Feel free to contact us today!

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